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The Lord implanted a love of art and creativity in Peggy at an early age.  Pre school years could have found her drawing the usual stick figures or coloring.  Grade school found her drawing while others were studying.  Her first competition was won in 6th grade art contest creating Valentines.  There were two prizes, the Prettiest, and the Funniest.  She won both!

In high school in NJ, art was important part of curriculum.  She took every art class the school allowed.  Graduating from a class of 365, she was one of six artists chosen to draw a huge backdrop before a live audience of hundreds.

In Columbia Union College in Washington, D.C., as she studied Elementary Education, many arts and crafts courses were taken.  She took watercolor from T.K. Martin of the Review and Herald Publishing Company.  Art was an important part of her teaching career.

Peggy took time off from work to raise a family of three children.  In the late 1970’s she took oil painting lessons from Ruth Zoerb, who taught at Southern College.  Invaluable lessons in color mixing and abstraction were learned.  She also took oil lessons during this time in South Pittsburgh, TN.

In l983, Peggy graduated from Cleveland State Community College with a nursing degree.  During her studies as an RN, she was elected to Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges.

From 1994 to present, Peggy has taken lessons from private instructors in the Chattanooga area.  Among them were Jean Moore, oil realism;  Virginia Skipper, watercolor florals and porcelain; Janet McGrath, oil and pastel portraits; John Painter, pastel portraits; Sandra Washburn, watercolor and mixed media; and Durinda Cheek, watercolor.  

Peggy has been featured in the art section of the Newsfree Press, Sunday August 20, 1995.  The article was written by Ann Nichols.  Peggy has won various awards and ribbons for her artwork in the Ooltewah and Chattanooga area.  She currently belongs to the Civic Arts League.

Peggy went to school and became a Bob Ross instructor certified in landscapes and florals. 

Her paintings can be found in homes and businesses in several states including TN, FL, GA, NJ, RI, MI, CO, PA, and CA.  She is a member of Reflections Gallery on Lee Hwy in Chattanooga, a current member of Civic Arts League, Inc. and a past president.  She is also currently a signature member of MMIA’s. 

Peggy Jennings

Art is more than painting a pretty picture or copy work.   True art is sharing that special moment in time, capturing that unusual "thing" the way the artist sees it and sharing this glimpse with the world.   Each artist 'sees' through different 'eyes’. Each perceives a scene with different color, perspective, and emotion.   A true artist shares this gift with others and thus gives mankind a piece of him/her self.

Hopefully, my instruction will help those beginning artists to find joy in creativity. The ultimate goal is for the student to become independent of the teacher and begin to capture on canvas the impressions of the world the way he/she 'sees' it.

Let us all have consideration and appreciation for others endeavors in creativity whether it be different from our own and in whatever stage of learning the artist finds himself.