Lee Glascock is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee where she currently resides and works.  She started with watercolor and china painting then evolved to acrylic, mixed media, and jewelry design.

 Lee graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Special Education. She taught school but then made the decision to stay home to raise her children and take art classes. She has studied art under various accomplished artists including Agnes Standifer, Virginia Skipper, and Sandra Payntor Washburn. Her jewelry has sold in various retail and specialty stores in the Chattanooga area.

  Lee is currently a member of Tennessee Watercolor Society, In-Town Gallery and she is a founding member of MMIA. She has exhibited in numerous galleries across Georgia and Tennessee. 

In 2014, Lee's painting "Sandy Dunes" was accepted into the Tennessee Watercolor Society and then chosen to travel for a year throughout Tennessee.

Currently, her work can be viewed at In-Town Gallery, H Salon, and on her Instagram account, lee_glascock. 

‚ÄčArtist Bio

Lee Glascock

‚ÄčArtist Statement

Over the years, I have developed my passion for painting through continual learning and experimentation. Working with acrylic and mixed media, I begin by using pours and moving the color around on my paper. I will add layer upon layer of color, texture, and line. Weaving the patterns through the composition helps me determine if the artwork will become representational or purely abstract.

My inspiration comes from my fascination with the beauty in nature, such as reflected light on water, gnarly tree branches, and colorful mountainsides. The creative process of experimentation using different mediums and the ever-changing outcomes keep me engaged in the desire to produce interesting paintings that the viewer will also appreciate.