Artist Statement

“I consider visual art my primary form of creative expression.  Whatever medium I choose, during the creation stage, I dialogue with the piece.  The art speaks to me, telling me what I need to do to make it complete.  I choose a color and the piece says, “Oh, this color would be a great compliment, and a dark color here, highlight this spot to convey excitement, maybe a few strokes here to denote movement.”  The talk continues until the work is complete.  Then, I am ready for the painting to continue its conversation with its viewers.

Judy Yarborough Wright

Artist Bio

Judy has always had a flare for the arts, and trained in graphic arts in high school.  When her children were young, she explored and taught them an appreciation for art.  She assisted in classrooms developing art projects for her children’s teachers.  She studied art at Francis Marion College in South Carolina, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Chattanooga State with a degree in art.  She taught numerous art lessons for children in the area and has volunteered at various art camps for children and taught private lessons.  She is an accomplished painter, potter, and sewist.  

She studied pottery with Jeff Rogers and Stephen Jepson (video), and has shown and sold her pottery all over the Southeast.  She studied watercolors from Wayne Wu, encaustics from Linda Robertson from Oregon, and currently is studying mixed media with Sandra Washburn.  She has taken several classes and workshops since her formal training to expand her knowledge and technique.

She is a charter member of Mixed Media Inspired Artists of Chattanooga.  She has held past memberships in the American Crafts Council, AVA of Chattanooga, and the Tennessee Watercolors Society, MAGI, and Civic Arts Leauge.

She has shown her works at Michael’s Fine Arts, Big Fat Art Gallery, Mae Gray Gallery,  Ringgold Art and Frame Gallery,  Dalton Creative Arts Guild, and Corner Gallery.  She has shown her pottery at the New Salem Festival, the Bell Buckle Festival, and Prater’s Mill, as well as many other festivals, galleries, and gift shops.  Her paintings and pottery are in private collections throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Her lifelong pursuit of various art mediums has expanded her appreciation of nature and the arts.  Her travel to Europe and Asia to many of the well-known sites, as well as sites in the United States, has only further expanded her curiosity for artistic expression.