Cindy McCreery

Artist Bio

Cindy is an artist who paints in acrylics and oils.  She is a native of Charlotte, NC and graduated summa cum laude from Queens University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  She moved to the Northwest GA area about 30 years ago and is retired from banking and accounting.  She studied painting under Dean Barber in high school, and under watercolor artist and fashion illustrator Marbury H. Brown at Queens University.

A community volunteer for numerous organizations, her main love is the arts.  She has been actively involved with The Creative Arts Guild in Dalton for about 20 years, serving at least 15 of those on the Board of Directors in many roles, including President and Treasurer.  She served as interim director, chaired many committees including the annual Arts Festival, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees and as co-chair of the annual fundraiser for arts in education.  Her recent art studies have been with Megan Roddenberry, Judy Sorrow, and Bradley Wilson and she is currently studying with Sandra Washburn.


             Artist Statement
I am a mixed media artist working with acrylic paints and other elements.  I seek to paint my abstract impressions of nature by utilizing color, light, shadow and shape, and I strive for intuitive, spontaneous expression.   I enjoy participating in and being an advocate for the arts in my area, believing strongly that the arts are community assets that should be accessible to all.