Artist Bio

The final class Amanda Farris took before graduating from college was a watercolor class. It was so exciting seeing the paint running across the paper and realizing that she could make trees or sky from it that she was hooked right away. Soon Amanda was experimenting with acrylics on paper as well.

She began taking workshops and classes from various water media artists. Jane Stephenson, Rob Erdle and Doug Walton were most influential. 

After moving to Chattanooga, TN, Amanda has studied with Ann Bagby and Sandra Paynter Washburn. Both those artists have further influenced Amanda’s work and she has started painting in an experimental style on canvas.

Amanda graduated from Stephen’s College, Columbia, MO, and Texas Technological University, Lubbock, TX. She is a signature member of both the Southwestern Watercolor Society and Tennessee Watercolor Society.

Amanda Farris

Artist Statement

I am intrigued with colors, shapes and textures and I try to achieve a “presence” in the painting, a personality. If I don’t see it right away, I set it aside for a while. If I get a glimpse of the painting and I see something there I go back and continue. Sometimes this takes a couple of weeks, working on it a little at a time. At other times, as I work on something, I feel a shift in my mind. Everything becomes clear--I know what goes in each area of the painting, the darks, lights, colors. I can “see” it all on the painting even though I have not painted it yet. All I have to do then is “wave my brush” over the paper and it paints itself. It is a gift.